A Key New Applicaton for Gas Heat Pump

Friday, December 4, 2020

In order to cope with the intense heat in summer that has become problematical, school facilities have increasingly introduced air conditioners since 2018. Accordingly, shipments of GHPs(Gas Heat Pumps) have increased. In 2019, as part of countermeasures against heat stroke,a subsidy was provided by the Japanese government to those installing air conditioners in schools. Since the term of subsidy was limited to 2019 alone, demand expanded explosively throughout Japan. As a result, GHP sales in 2019 recorded an all-time high in terms of both number of units and capacity.

The main reason why GHPs are suitable for school air conditioning is the running costs.Schools have a few long vacations such as those in summer and winter. The number of hours of daily operation is also small. The length of time of operation is also very short compared with that in other types of buildings.

The electric utility rates charged are the basic rates based on the con- tract according to peak electricity. Therefore, in the case of electric heat pumps (EHPs), basic rates that are high even when the quantity of electricity used is small must be paid. In the case of GHPs, however, since the period during which school air conditioners operate is short, peak power can be curtailed. Therefore, basic electricity rates can be saved.

GHPs can also be a countermeasure against natural disasters.In Japan, many gymnasiums in elementary, junior, and high schools are designated as shelters. In recent years, since a number of natural disasters have occurred in Japan, the authorities have decided to install air conditioners in gymnasiums. Unlike the extensive use of air conditioners in schoolrooms, only a small percentage of gymnasiums are equipped with air conditioners at this juncture. As air conditioners suitable for shelters, GHPs with a self-supporting power supply system are attracting attention. Since these GHPs can start operation without a power supply even during a power failure, the electricity generated could be used for air conditioning, lighting, and communication equipment. As long as there is still a gas supply, air conditioners are able to operate. Therefore, GHPs are regarded as ideal for shelters during disasters.ZERO is confident that a key new application for GHPs has been found. ZERO is always your relieable partner for HVAC/R supplies.

SOURCE:JARN--2020-09-03 Japan’s GHP Market Achieves Significant Growth in 2019

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