About TICA

An accredited national high-tech enterprise, specialized in the development, manufacturing, sales and services of environment cleaning HVAC and thermal energy utilization sectors.

A comprehensive lineup of products, ranging from air handling units and fan coil units, centrifugal chillers, screw chillers, VRF units, and ORC low-temperature waste heat power generation systems with highest thermoelectric efficiency in China.

Focus on indoor air quality in clean environments, with more than 60% sales revenue from clean-field related products and solutions.

Individual Product Champion Enterprise accredited by National Ministry of Industry and Information, with the champion product of air handling unit.

One of the top four Chinese brands in commercial HVAC industry.

TICA & UTC Global Strategic JV 


9th Oct. 2015, Official signing of the legal JV Agreements:

1.UTC will provide TICA with advanced global leading core technologies, as cryogenic power system (ORC), centrifugal and screw chiller;

2.Both parties will integrate the global networks to come up with a new market strength.



Zero Technologies is official agent of TICA CLIMATE SOLUTIONS(a Carrier holding company).