Australian A/C market

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Australian A/C market
Australia’s economy is largely affected by the Chinese economy and market prices of raw materials. Its GDP in 2016 recorded a 2.52% increase, up from 2.41% in 2015.
According to BSRIA, Australia’s chiller market size has been contracting for two consecutive years starting in 2015. The centrifugal chiller segment, which dominated with nearly one half of the total chiller market, decreased by 16.3% from 2015, down to US$ 30.5 million in 2016.
Air-cooled types account for around 80% of the chiller market in Australia thanks to the dry cli-mate. Large-capacity chillers come in water-cooled types. Japanese manufacturers are making moves to offer air-cooled modular scroll chillers for large applications in the market.
Australia has strict energy-efficiency regulations, and as with residential air conditioners, high-efficiency chillers are strong sellers.
All brands are mobilizing their technologies to launch energy-saving models in the marketplace.
U. S. manufacturers Carrier, Trane, and York dominate the Australian chiller market. Local manufacturer Temperzone and Italy-based Climaveneta are also active in the market.
Temperzone has sizable factories in Australia as well as in New Zealand. The two factories produce products for different market segments. The company manufactures chillers at its Australian facility and imports chillers from its New Zealand factory.
Smardt-Powerpax is Australia’s only manufacturer of medium to large commercial water-cooled and air-cooled chillers, and direct expansion condensing units.
Carrier is selling inverter-driven screw chillers. Air-cooled screw chillers from Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air conditioning have been well received in the market.
Australia’s electricity is mostly generated from gas-fired thermal power plants, creating a big market for heat recovery equipment. There is a huge market potential for absorption chillers that can use waste heat thanks to stringent environmental protection requirements in Australia.
Several absorption chiller manufacturers from Asia have entered this market. Shuangliang and other Chinese manufacturers are working to expand local sales.
Yanmar has taken full advantage of opportunities in the Australasian market since it acquired GasAircon Australia, its exclusive distributor for Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific for products including GHP chillers. GasAircon Australia changed its name to Yanmar Energy Australia.
SolarArk is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance solar hot water systems in Australia. It specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning solar hot water systems including the SolarArk ADsorption chiller AEFC series.
A large number of rooftop units in the market are imports from major manufacturers produced at their factories in Malaysia, Thailand, and China. There is a small quantity of locally manufactured products available from manufacturers such as Carrier (APAC), Temperzone, and Airwell (Electra Consumer Products).
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