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ZERO Brand 3-5 Ton Rooftop Package Units

ZERO Brand

ZERO Brand 3-5 Ton Package Units

Product Description:

ZERO Brand Rooftop air conditioning (cooling only) units with an all-air system with a cooling capacity ranging from 3Ton to 5Ton. The whole system design is simple, including only outdoor host and indoor return air pipe, no water pump, cooling tower, fan coil and other equipment.

ZERO Brand rooftop package (cooling only) unit is easy to install, small refrigerant charge, conducive to environmental protection; The system has higher energy efficiency and avoids the energy loss during the operation of traditional air conditioning systems. Low project cost and short installation period; Save installation space and improve the utilization rate of the building; It is easy to repair and maintain in the later period, and the operation is quiet, which has no impact on the normal work activities of indoor personnel. Easy to introduce new fans and new air pipes, fully meet the high requirements of indoor air quality. On this basis, the ZERO roof type air cooled air conditioning (cooling only) unit is also suitable for the transformation of the air conditioning system, convenient replacement of the host, lifting the user’s worries.

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ZERO 3-5 TON Rooftop Package Units

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