What Benifits Can HVAC Bring to Us?

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Today, the situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has also cast a spotlight on various benefits of air conditioning equipment.

The air conditioning systems improve the quality of life of users, providing comfort and contributing to healthier environments. In addition to achieving optimized environmental temperature and humidity, they are capable of renewing and filtering the indoor air, eliminating micro-particles from the environment, thus enabling users to breathe cleaner air.

Experts from international associations such as ASHRAE – American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, REHVA – Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, and ATECYR – Spanish Technical Association for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration have come to the conclusion that the ventilation and filtration provided by air conditioning systems contribute to reducing the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the indoor air and therefore also reduce the risk of transmission.

So, what kind of benifits can HVAC bring to us? There are 6 ways that matter most:

● Air conditioning systems are safe and necessary to achieve optimal comfort and hygienic conditions in- side buildings, improving the indoor air quality (IAQ).

● Unconditioned spaces can cause thermal stress in people, which can be detrimental to inhabitants, including those who are still recovering from COVID-19 or other diseases. It is recommended to maintain indoor temperature conditions between 19 and 21ºC during the heating season and between 24 and 26ºC during the cooling season, with a relative humidity of 40 to 60%.

● Adequate ventilation of spaces, either independently or integrated into air conditioning systems, guarantees permanent renewal of air, and helps to eliminate particles suspended in the air, thus reducing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.

● In order to reduce the transmission of the virus, it advisable not to stop air conditioning and ventilation systems and installations, and good maintenance of such systems is vital.

● The filters of air conditioning units reduce the number of particles suspended in the air, so they contribute to improving the IAQ. Proper cleaning and maintenance of filters are also essential.

● Air conditioning equipment can provide high-efficiency air purification and filtration, based on technologies with proven effectiveness, for example, through ultraviolet (UV) radiation, photocatalysis, through titanium dioxide (TiO2), ionic filtration processes, etc., to reduce the numbers of viruses/bacteria and suspended particles, all by means of the air recirculation per se, controlled and monitored by the same equipment or system.

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Source--2020-08-31 JARN HVAC Contributes to Improved Indoor Air Quality

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