What Should Be Considered for HVAC Equipment for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants?

Monday, December 28, 2020

HVAC equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, like other industrial process applications, need to be chosen carefully. These applications clearly require outstanding efficiency and reliability, because those are aspects have an impact on the business of a company.But they also require the ability to guarantee perfect temperature and humidity controls, because those are aspects that impact the quality of the products manufactured.

Temperature and Humidity Control

The environment in which pharmaceutical products are manufactured plays an important role in determining the quality of products such as medicines, supplements and cosmetics.The fact that all of these products are meant to keep use healthy or cure us from possible diseases gives us the measure of how important is that those products are of the highest quality.

HVAC systems contribute to overall manufacturing process quality ensuring that temperature and humidity in the manufacturing facilities are constantly controlled, to avoid contamination during the manufacturing process.

Thus, perfect control of temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical facilities is necessary for the following reasons.One of the most important is that manufacturing processes for drugs, for instance, usually require different levels of temperature for chemical processes and blend ingredients. This can lead to the generation of heat in excess, which needs to be removed to ensure the safety of the employees and avoid equipment damage. Certain drugs, then, might require cold storage to maintain their properties. That is the case of vaccines, for instance, which need to be stored at low temperatures to preserve their effectiveness. The same vaccines, although requiring cold storage, might need to be stored at a very precise temperature, though.

But temperature and humidity control are also important to avoid contaminations, as we know pathogens thrive in warm and humid conditions. Humidity, for instance might also increase the level of moisture in drugs, which might lead to a deterioration of the drug itself. 

Efficiency and Reliability

It is not all about temperature and humidity control, though. Efficiency and reliability also play an important role in the investment companies do choosing equipment for their HVAC system.

Pharmaceutical companies, like any other company, need to make sure costs are contained. Since HVAC systems can have an important impact on energy expenditures, it is important to choose energy- efficient units.

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SOURCE: JARN 2020-12-21 The Importance of HVAC Equipment for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants

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