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HVAC Design & Consulting

Our experienced team of HVAC professionals is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. This includes creating custom designs that consider the unique characteristics of your building or space. Our technical team is able to give pipeline design based on their experience and your requirement, and you will get intuitively the system connection, piping design, installation materials statistics and AC units location after our design. Besides, we offer consultation services to guide you through the process from initial idea to final implementation, and assist you to solve the problem you encounter during this whole process, ensuring you choose the best HVAC system for your needs.


Project Drawing Design

Based on your specific requirement and our suggested solution, our experienced technical design team will provide you with a detailed piping drawing design for your project building. The designs may include piping connection, AC equipment layout, etc. Therefore your engineer for the project can arrange the installation thru the design easier and flexibly.

<Before Design>

<After Design>

Product & Solution Consulting

We always care about your needs and feeling. Aim to your concerns or questions about the products & solution, we have a professional team to give online support all the time. Thru our communications, you will have a deeper acknowledge of our products and the solution we provide.

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HVAC Design & Consulting

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