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Copy of DCLCD Series 50 / 60 Hz 300 to 2500 TR Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers

- High reliability / -Simple operation and maintenance / - Low sound levels / - Dual Stage impeller design for outstanding performance at high lift compression / - Simplified structure and compact size / - Hiah efficiency at a competitive market price /
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Dunham Bush VRF System

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Magnetic Bearing Variable Speed Centrifugal Chiller

· High EfficiencyMagnetic Bearing Technology / · Inverter Driven Dual-Stage Compressor / · Oil Free Operation with Less Maintenance / · Low Noise with Compact Foot Print / · Improved Performance and IPLV / · AHRI Certified / · R134a
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Ceiling Concealed Fan Coil

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Technological Update for Fans & Motors -Thursday, November 26, 2020
Motors are used for various purposes without being seen by the general public, and there are a huge number of them. For example, many motors are used in automobiles, reportedly with about 50 motors for an average car model and about 130 motors for a luxury model. In the case of air conditioners, motors are also used for compressors, the fans of indoor and outdoor units, and electronic expansion valves, etc. The motors adjust the rotation speed of the compressors and fans of the indoor and outdoor units, according to the load of the air conditioner, creating a large power consumption reduction effect. In particular, the number of motors required for the fans of the indoor and outdoor units is enormous, making them an important target for energy savings along with motors for compressors.
Three Common Misconceptions Around Air Quality -Wednesday, November 18, 2020
The only way to produce oil free air is to fit the correct filter for your air quality requirements to your compressor – whether it is an oil-lubricated compressor or not. By using the correct filtration for your needs, your oil-lubricated compressor will achieve the air quality standards that you require.
Why Heat Pumps Should Be Your First Choice? -Tuesday, November 3, 2020
The energy efficiency of heat pumps can be more than three times higher than for electrical heater, boiler or a furnace. In addition to that, it does not need fossil fuels to produce energy and no air pollution is generated. Learn more about why heat pumps should be your first choice.
This year’s global economy has been hit hard by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this difficult context, the information technology (IT) industry is one of the few areas that remains strong.Investments in the fifth generation (5G) infrastructure around the globe combined with prolonged remote working as a measure implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19, investments in infrastructure by IT companies are gaining momentum. In particular, demand for data centers is growing in order to respond to the rapidly increasing amount of information handled. For example, IDC Japan has predicted that domestic data center construction investment in 2020 will increased by 55.7% year on year to ¥183 billion (US$ 1.7 billion).