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Copy of DCLCD Series 50 / 60 Hz 300 to 2500 TR Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers

- High reliability / -Simple operation and maintenance / - Low sound levels / - Dual Stage impeller design for outstanding performance at high lift compression / - Simplified structure and compact size / - Hiah efficiency at a competitive market price /
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Dunham Bush VRF System

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Magnetic Bearing Variable Speed Centrifugal Chiller

· High EfficiencyMagnetic Bearing Technology / · Inverter Driven Dual-Stage Compressor / · Oil Free Operation with Less Maintenance / · Low Noise with Compact Foot Print / · Improved Performance and IPLV / · AHRI Certified / · R134a
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Ceiling Concealed Fan Coil

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In late December 2020,three major Chinese compressor manufacturers,like Landa(ZERO is the authorized global agent of Landa Compressor), an­nounced compressor price increases almost simultaneously, and the new pricing systems were implemented starting from January 1, 2021.
Shanghai Electric Power is preparing for a smart energy project, Qiantan Energy Center, which is located at New Bund, Pudong District, Shanghai. This is the first integrated smart energy project investment by the State Power Investment, and is also an important part of the demonstration project for urban integrated smart energy supply service system by the National Energy Administration (NEA).The project mainly serves to upgrade urban energy levels and construct world-class new business districts. It is now offering highly efficient and green energies to about 2.17 million m2 of offices, commercial buildings, and hotels in the New Bund.
HVAC equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, like other industrial process applications, need to be chosen carefully. These applications clearly require outstanding efficiency and reliability, because those are aspects have an impact on the business of a company.But they also require the ability to guarantee perfect temperature and humidity controls, because those are aspects that impact the quality of the products manufactured.
To achieve the optimal balance between energy efficiency and comfortable indoor climate with variable air flows, room units must be chosen carefully with sound, discharge principle, placement and mounting and throw taken into consideration.