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ZERO DX Inverter Modular AHU

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ZERO DX Inverter Modular AHU

Product Description:

ZERO’s variable frequency direct expansion air handling unit seamlessly integrates ZERO’s leading modular AHU for 11 consecutive years with its inverter air conditioning technology to launch a variable frequency air handling system. The ODU adopts the world-renowned inverter compressor and the unique design of ZERO, realizing strong cooling and heating output of the unit. The compressor features ultra-wide range of operation, precise energy regulation and no energy consumption waste, and facilitates carbon neutrality. The IDU is a distinctive air handling unit of ZERO, which is a single champion product in the manufacturing industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , and is tailor -made for customers to meet the ever-changing application scenarios, creating the most matching solutions for customers.

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ZERO DX Inverter Modular AHU

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