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Z-MAX Series multi zone heat pump inverter split air conditioner

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Z-MAX Series multi zone heat pump inverter split air conditioner

Product Description:

Connects up to 4 indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

Installs a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces with no need for ductwork.

Provides individual control of room temperature settings.

Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting.



Individual Control: Each indoor unit can be operated independently to deliver air comfort only to rooms where needed.

Energy and Cost Savings: Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies achieve greater efficiency and energy-savings at lower costs.

Flexible Installation: ZERO split/multi-split air conditioners easily install to residences where space is limited.

1. Gold Fin

Z-MAX series mini split AC adopts golden hydrophilic fins for the coils of both indoor unit and outdoor unit. It greatly increases the heat exchange area, accelerates the cooling and heating speed, and enhances the anti-corrosion performance of the unit.

2. Emergency Button

Z-MAX series mini split AC has an emergency button in the indoor unit, the users can switch on the air conditioner by pressing the emergency button even if they don’t have the remote controller or the controller is broken.

3. Dual Drainage

Z-MAX Series mini split AC adopts humanized dual drainage design, the user can choose the installation direction of drainage pipe flexibly based on the interior design.

4. Louver Position Memory

The user can set the louver position of indoor unit which is more comfortable for him/her. Z-MAX series indoor unit has a louver position memory function, the indoor unit will keep the same set louver position as the last time when the user opens it.

5. 5-Fan Speed

Z-MAX series mini split AC has 5 fan speeds. The users can adjust the air conditioner to a higher fan speed for cooling the indoor area faster.

6. Low Noise

The operation noise of Z-MAX mini split AC can reach 22dB (lowest).

7. Rust Proof

The shell of Z-MAX series mini split AC has rust proof through using painted galvanized steel, which brings a longer product life.

8. 55℃ High Temperature Self-Cleaning

Z-MAX series mini split AC has a self-cleaning function. The evaporator is frosted to freeze the dirt on the fin then starts defrosting to generate a large amount of water to brush away the dirt. After 55°C quick-drying, the evaporator becomes cleaner & more sterile.

9. Filter-Cleaning Reminder

After running for a particular period, Z-MAX series split AC will automatically detect the cleanliness of the filter and remind users of filter cleaning to avoid too much bacteria being accumulated on the filters and provide users with healthy air.

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Z-MAX Series multi zone heat pump inverter split air conditioner

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