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VRF Solutions

Are you looking for a worry-free VRF solution for your project? The purpose of our VRF solution is to provide you with a more energy-saving and time-saving way for your project. Our professional technical team has rich experience to give you full support on the VRF solution after receiving the drawing of your building. Our supports cover pipeline drawing design, model selection, installation material calculation, start-up guidance, online/on-site technical guidance, etc. ZERO makes you more worry-free on your project.

Water System Solutions

Have you ever imagined that you can have chillers and all other water system components all together in a single purchase? Here is our water system solution for you. Water systems can be adapted to many kinds of middle or big commercial and industrial projects, they may be used for private projects or tender projects. To let you get a complete solution, we can not only provide you with a full line of chillers and terminal products but also supply you with a complete line of installation materials such as cooling towers, water pumps, hydraulic modules, valves, pipes, etc.

Ventilation Solutions

This might be your easiest access to a full ventilation solution. With rich project experience, we are able to offer you “A to Z” products needed in a ventilation job such as fans, diffusers, dampers and ducts. With such a complete supply of ventilation materials from ZERO, you can get the most easiest and convenient ventilation solution for your project. Come and speed up your project process with us!

Control Solutions

Intelligent control plays a critical role in modern HVAC solutions, and it gradually becoming a key factor for green buildings, it enables precise regulation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in a building. our solution for air conditioning provides perfect connectivity among AC units, BMS system and system administrators; by migrating IOT technology to our industry, we can even realize the Cloud-control function for your air conditioners. We have optional BMS systems to satisfy your project needs perfectly, such as Modbus, BACnet, etc. You can realize an intelligent modern life from our solution easily.

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