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Why are GREE air conditioners expensive? How to choose a home air conditioner?

Have you ever wondered why GREE air conditioners are more expensive than MIDEA and HAIER? This is a common question among consumers. In this article, we will discuss why GREE air conditioners are so expensive and how to select the right air conditioner for your home.

Why are GREE air conditioners expensive?

1. Brand reputation

Firstly, in China, GREE is a domestic national brand with consistently rising sales in recent years. Secondly, GREE air conditioner also has an advertising advantage; the slogan “GREE masters the core technology” leaves lasting impression on everyone. In foreign countries, GREE air conditioners compared to the Japanese brand of air conditioners also performed well. For instance, DAIKIN air conditioner is a well-known Japanese brand mainly recognized for its advanced technology and energy efficiency. Both sides offer air conditioners in a variety of styles and sizes, including window units, portable and split systems. Additionally, both GREE and DAIKIN are constantly researching advanced technologies to improve energy efficiency and have high ratings in this regard. However, GREE air conditioners are generally more affordable than Daikin ones. Meanwhile, Japanese brands are expensive and costly to maintain. It is realized that GREE air conditioner as a national brand has high cost performance. GREE air conditioners enjoy higher brand popularity and public recognition compared to other brands.

2. Advanced technology

Compared with other brands, GREE Air Conditioner invests heavily in technological research. Its research funding is not even capped. So far, GREE brand has accumulated 100,000+ patents. These investments have enabled GREE air conditioners to offer efficient cooling experience, intelligent control that keeps pace with the times, and comfortable air purification. It can be said that GREE air conditioners are the leader of domestic air conditioners in terms of technology research and development. These R&D achievements are actually R&D costs. Therefore, GREE’s technological leadership is one of the reasons why its air conditioners are more expensive than those of other brands.

3. Excellent quality

GREE air conditioners are known for both their technological innovation and their excellent quality. GREE air conditioner hardware is well made and manufactured with premium materials. In particular, the quality of the air conditioner compressor can endure the wear and tear of daily use very well. At the same time, many models of GREE air conditioners are covered by a long warranty, which gives customers peace of mind. Most importantly, GREE air conditioners have a very strict inspection process before leaving the factory, with a pass rate of over 99%. This ensures that GREE air conditioners meet the highest quality standards, which contributes to their higher cost.

4. Outstanding performance.

Firstly, GREE air conditioners are very effective in cooling. In the same space, using the same power of the air conditioner, other brands of air conditioners may take ten minutes to reach the corresponding temperature, while GREE air conditioners may only take five minutes. This is an important reason why people approve of GREE air conditioners. Secondly, GREE air conditioners have a high energy efficiency rating, which can effectively save energy costs. GREE’s proprietary G10 inverter technology can save 60% energy consumption than traditional air conditioners. Finally, GREE air conditioner’s “intelligent defrosting” technology saves a lot of money and electricity cost for China. It also solves the problems of many countries. It can be said that GREE air conditioner’s experience is leading in the world.

How to choose a home air conditioner?

GREE air conditioner is excellent in many aspects, but the price is not satisfactory. In terms of use experience and price, is there a more cost-effective air conditioner brand?

Perhaps these three air conditioner brands can meet your needs: MIDEA, TCL and ZERO. They are more affordable and cost-effective compare to GREE. These brands offer excellent quality, a good sense of use, and even better energy efficiency than GREE air conditioners.


MIDEA is a cost-effective brand. Its low frequency and frequency conversion technology is superior, according to the official: one degree of electricity a night, which shows that MIDEA is more energy efficient than GREE.

Moreover, MIDEA’s models are generally feature-rich and excellent in terms of rapid heating. But MIDEA has a six-year warranty, while GREE has a 10-year warranty, which refers to the Chinese market. This suggests that GREE air conditioners may be superior in terms of technology and hardware.


TCL air conditioners have a number of outstanding features. In terms of service, TCL air conditioners offer a 6-year warranty for the entire unit and a 10-year warranty for the compressor in the Chinese market. The outdoor unit of TCL air conditioners features a reverse dust removal function, which effectively cleans large dust and particles, ensuring energy efficiency even after prolonged use.

However, TCL air conditioners face challenges in the mainstream market as brands like MIDEA and GREE have already established a strong presence. TCL can only compete in the lower-end market by offering competitive pricing. Due to the focus on price competition, TCL has stricter cost controls. As a result, models with high sales volumes tend to have average configurations. In other words, TCL air conditioners are relatively affordable but average configurations.


One of the most cost-effective air conditioner is ZERO AC.

ZERO TECHNOLOGIES is a team of passionate HVACR professionals with more than 10 years experiences in this field. With the strong supply resources chain in China plus a group of professional team members, they are dedicated and honored to be able to provide the best HVAC solutions for customers globally.

In just one year ZERO became the 1st tier distributor of Dunham-Bush in 2017. As you know, Dunham-Bush is an American brand with more than 120 years of history.

In 2022, ZERO products had been sold to over 130 countries worldwide, and by 2023, they had already established 50 ZERO brand distributors globally. In addition, they have provided services for 1,000+ overseas projects. Zero AC sold all over the world.

ZERO’s core business consists of the following three parts:

    ZERO team collaborates with major manufacturers DB, while also promoting its own brand, ZERO, as a full-range product company.
    Except the HVAC equipment sales, they are capable of supplying almost all necessary installation accessories & parts for any size project. ZERO is a One-stop solution for your next project.
    Whether you are need of design, selection, delivery consolidation, training, technical support, after-sales service, whatever it may be, here at ZERO, they are honored to be able to cover all your needs, making your next project as smooth as possible. And they have a strong sales & technical support team at your disposal 24/7, for consultation & support via email, phone call and social Apps such as Wechat or WhatsApp. If you have any questions, please click this link to contact us.


ZERO’s product range includes RAC, LCAC, VRF, Chiller, FCU, AHU, and more. At the same time, ZERO has established close partnerships with top domestic factories such as MIDEA, GREE, GIWEE, and others. This not only demonstrates that ZERO’s products are not only affordable but also of high quality, with guaranteed on-time delivery. Additionally, the ZERO team possesses exceptional skills. They have in-depth knowledge of the products and market, enabling them to develop perfect solutions tailored to customer requirements. Furthermore, ZERO provides strong after-sales service to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Working with ZERO means working with the best HVAC supply chain in China.


Covering the full range of products, RAC & CAC & Industrial products, they are presenting ZERO and DB brands.



Meanwhile, they have full access to China’s top factories like MIDEA, GREE and GIWEE, to ensure the best price, best quality and best delivery.



Most importantly, ZERO has the right team. A team who knows the products. A team who knows the market.  A team who knows your needs and not only cares about your project but also cares about you. Ensuring the ultimate customer satisfaction.



In conclusion, ZERO air conditioners are the best choice for those looking for a cost-effective and reliable cooling solution.



Regarding more details about the ZERO AC, please check out ZERO official website:

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