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Why does the cooling effect of air conditioning suddenly deteriorate? What about triggering high temperature protection?

Reasons for deteriorating cooling effect of air conditioners

1、Insufficient refrigerant.

Refrigerant is the key to air conditioner cooling, if the refrigerant is insufficient, it will lead to a decrease in cooling effect. The reasons for insufficient refrigerant may include: refrigerant leakage, clogged refrigerant filter, clogged refrigeration system piping, etc.

Solution: If the air conditioner’s refrigerant is not enough, you need to add enough snow seed, which is the tool used to provide air conditioner cooling. Refrigerant leakage of the air conditioner should be timely to repair the leakage by welding, and then replenish the air conditioner with snow seed.

2、Dirty condenser.

The condenser is the part of the air conditioning refrigeration system responsible for heat dissipation, if the condenser is dirty, it will affect the heat dissipation effect, resulting in a decrease in cooling effect. Dirty condenser may be caused by: air conditioning for a long time without cleaning, poor air quality, and so on.

Solution: Regularly maintain and clean the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioner to remove the dust from the radiator and improve the cooling effect of the radiator.

3、Compressor failure.

The compressor is the power of the air conditioner cooling system, if the compressor fails, it will cause the air conditioner not to cool properly. Compressor failure may be caused by: compressor motor burned out, compressor bearing damage, etc..

Solution: Find a professional repair person to repair it.

4、Outdoor temperature too high.

Because the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is placed in a relatively closed or the temperature around the outdoor unit is very high, it will cause the air around the outdoor unit of the air conditioner does not circulate, the heat emitted by the air conditioner has no way to discharge, which will lead to the air conditioner does not cool.

Solution: increase the air circulation of the air conditioning outdoor unit, the air conditioning outdoor unit installed in the space open place, so that the air conditioning heat can be discharged in a timely manner.

5、Voltage failure.

The air conditioner has not been able to reach the normal voltage during operation, or the power supply voltage supply is not enough, the voltage is not stable, the air conditioner can not be very good for refrigeration.

Solution: Stagger the peak period of electricity consumption to avoid insufficient power supply resulting in air conditioning can not be cooled. Purchase a voltage regulator to ensure the stability of the air conditioning voltage.

The Importance of High Temperature Cooling Technology

Air conditioners are used with certain temperatures and environmental conditions, and they do not work properly at any ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature exceeds the use range or the use conditions, the air conditioner cannot work normally or works very inefficiently.

Generally speaking, air conditioners are generally categorized into three types: cold air type, heat pump type, and electric heat type. Under different climate types, their applicable ambient temperature ranges are different. According to the international standard ISO 5151, the climate type is divided into three categories, respectively T1,T2,T3.

Various air conditioners corresponding to the climate type, the temperature range of use is different:

T3 climate type air conditioners, the maximum operating temperature of 52 ° C, can be adapted to the tropical climate, so it is called tropical air conditioners.

In the summer in tropical areas, when the outdoor temperature exceeds 43°C, the general air conditioner will not be able to cool properly or will work very inefficiently. Only T3 air conditioners can operate normally.

In summer, the outdoor temperature tends to be high, and if the cooling effect of air conditioners is not good, it will lead to the indoor temperature can not be effectively reduced, affecting people’s comfort. Therefore, high-temperature cooling technology is crucial for air conditioners.

High-temperature refrigeration technology refers to the technology that air conditioners can still maintain a good cooling effect in a high-temperature environment. The realization of high temperature refrigeration technology mainly has the following aspects:

1、The use of high-efficiency refrigerants.

High-efficiency refrigerants can improve the refrigeration efficiency of the air conditioner, thereby reducing the refrigeration pressure of the air conditioner in a high-temperature environment.

2、Optimization of the refrigeration system.

Optimization of the refrigeration system can improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner, thereby reducing the air conditioner in a high-temperature environment refrigeration pressure.

3、The use of advanced control technology.

Advanced control technology can be based on indoor and outdoor temperature changes, real-time adjustment of air conditioning refrigeration mode, thereby improving the cooling effect of air conditioning.

High-Temperature Cooling Air Conditioner Recommendations

The next step is to recommend a couple of T3 air conditioners that are suitable for tropical installations, not only for their quality but also for their cost-effectiveness.

These are all part of Zero AC’s Z-Pro series. Zero’s T3 split units are available in four varieties, as follows:

T3 Cooling only on-off ZERO Air Conditioner

T3 Cooling only on-off energy efficient ZERO Air Conditioner

T3 Cooling only and Heat Pump on-off 60Hz ZERO Air Conditioner

T3 Heat Pump 50-60Hz Full DC Inverter Series ZERO AC

Z-Pro series products adopt a number of advanced high-temperature refrigeration technology, which can still maintain a good cooling effect in high-temperature environments.

1、High efficiency refrigerant R410A

Z-Pro products adopt high efficiency refrigerant R410A, the cooling efficiency of R410A refrigerant is greatly improved than R22 refrigerant, which reduces the cooling pressure of the air conditioner in high temperature environment.

2、Excellent refrigeration system

zero products also adopt an optimized refrigeration system, which improves the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. So that the air conditioner can work normally in the outdoor temperature up to 67 degrees Celsius, providing excellent cooling effect.

3. Powerful cooling effect

Optimized indoor and outdoor unit design improves cooling performance, generating strong airflow of up to 12 meters and wind speed of 20.3 m/s to keep the entire room cool throughout the summer.

Zero’s Z-PRO products are excellent representatives of high temperature cooling technology and are ideal for air conditioning in hot summer environments.

Regarding more details about the ZERO AC, please check out ZERO official website:

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