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The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has opened on April 15th. It is understood that the 135th Canton Fair to “serve high-quality development, promote high-level opening up” as the theme, from April 15 to May 5 in three phases of the offline exhibition, the normalization of the operation of the online platform. The exhibition area is 1.55 million square meters, with 55 exhibition areas. The total number of booths is about 74,000, with 29,000 exhibitors. Statistics show that as of April 13, 144,000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions have pre-registered, of which the United States increased by 21.4%, OECD countries increased by 13%, the Middle East countries increased by 24.7%, the countries that build the “One Belt, One Road” increased by 45.9%, and RCEP countries increased by 15.5%. 288 headline exhibitors have participated in the event, and the number of exhibitors is expected to increase by 15.5%. 288 head enterprises and industrial and commercial organizations confirmed to organize delegations to participate in the fair, an increase of 21.5% over the same period of the previous session.

This year’s Canton Fair export exhibition service development of new quality productivity, brand enterprises 2606, with national high-tech, manufacturing industry single champion, specializing in new “small giants” and other high-quality features such as the title of more than 5,500 enterprises, an increase of 20% over the previous session. It is expected to display more than 1 million pieces of new products, more than 450,000 pieces of green low-carbon products, more than 250,000 pieces of independent intellectual property rights products. At the same time, the Canton Fair to expand the source of import exhibition, import exhibition exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 680 participating international enterprises, the source of expansion to 50 countries and regions, including the construction of the “One Belt, One Road” countries accounted for 64% of the enterprises. And for the first time to set up cross-border e-commerce pilot zone and overseas warehouse exhibition area of 3,000 square meters.

This year’s Canton Fair takes multiple measures to accurately attract business. Not only to deepen the investment cooperation with 226 embassies and consulates abroad, 69 consulates general in Guangzhou, 195 global partners, 11 cross-border institutions and various trade missions, the organization of a number of visits to the investment route to the European Union, Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and other markets to carry out a global roadshow; but also focus on the key markets in Europe and the United States, the “One Belt, One Road” and other key markets and the world’s leading enterprises in the “One Belt, One Road” countries. It also focuses on key markets such as Europe, America, the “Belt and Road” and other key markets and the world’s top 500, global retail 250 and other large businesses, and organizes precise camping invitations.

In addition, the Canton Fair also continued to optimize the online platform function, focusing on improving the matching accuracy, smooth communication, management convenience, optimize the online platform function 47, improve the supply and procurement docking function, optimize the instant communication function and platform services, help supply and procurement docking more convenient and efficient.

ZERO & 135TH Canton Fair 

As an emerging air-conditioning brand, Zero actively participated in this year’s Canton Fair, demonstrating the company’s strong strength and technological capabilities.

Zero’s booth was decorated in a simple and atmospheric blue and white color scheme, creating a comfortable viewing environment. The booth not only displayed Zero’s latest products, but also played an interactive video with agents, showing the company’s high-quality sales service.

At the Canton Fair, Zero displayed a variety of new air-conditioning products, including home, commercial and central air-conditioning. These products have significant advantages in appearance design, functional configuration and performance parameters, highlighting Zero’s technological innovation in the field of air conditioning manufacturing.

It is reported that Zero’s booth was very popular and attracted a large number of overseas buyers to visit and negotiate. These buyers spoke highly of Zero’s products and services – they believe that Zero’s residential air conditioners are well suited to local needs, and that its commercial and central air conditioners can also meet the needs of office and industrial applications, especially Zero’s central air conditioners, which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and have significantly reduced operating costs.

Zero booth site can also receive a beautiful product catalog, as well as Zero selected gifts. If you become the agent of Zero, you will be able to receive Zero AC agent exclusive benefits.

Regarding more details about the ZERO AC, please check out ZERO official website: 

Become ZERO Global Partner

By 2024, Zero Air Conditioning has entered into cooperation in more than 130 countries and regions around the world and completed more than 1,000 overseas projects. Zero Air Conditioning always adheres to the corporate principles of “Integrity, Openness, Collaboration and Shared Success”, and is committed to providing high-quality air conditioning products and services to consumers around the world. 

As an emerging brand, Zero has demonstrated its technological and product strength to the world through its presence at the 135th Canton Fair, and has been highly recognized by buyers at home and abroad. In the future, Zero will continue to focus on technological innovation in the field of air-conditioning manufacturing, contribute to the green development of the industry, and provide more environmentally friendly and energy-saving high-quality products for global users.

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