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7 Common Misunderstandings About How to Use AC

Air conditioning can be a great help in keeping us cool during the hot summer months, but if not used properly, it can not only affect the air conditioner’s lifespan, but also damage our health. Let’s review some common air conditioning misuses to avoid these mistakes and ensure that our air conditioning works safely and efficiently for us.

Misunderstanding 1: Setting the air conditioner cooling temperature too low

Many people tend to set the air conditioning temperature too low, thinking that the colder it is, the better. However, excessive cooling not only wastes electricity but can also lead to colds, muscle pain, and other physical discomfort. The appropriate cooling temperature should be set at 25-27 ℃, with an outdoor temperature difference of no more than 6 ℃.

Misunderstanding 2: Closing doors and windows without ventilation

To save energy, some people close all windows and doors when using air conditioning. However, this practice leads to poor indoor air circulation and can reduce air quality, affecting respiratory health. At least one window or door should be opened to ensure proper air circulation.

Misunderstanding 3: Incomplete cleaning leading to bacteria growth

Dust and dirt in the air conditioner body and pipes can become breeding grounds for bacteria. It should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that the air outlet blows clean air and to improve air conditioning efficiency. Use warm water and a neutral detergent for cleaning, and avoid using corrosive detergents.

Misunderstanding 4: Setting the air conditioner to blow strong winds

While air conditioning provides refrigeration and dehumidification, it’s best to use the automatic dehumidification mode. Setting the wind speed to the maximum can lead to a quick sense of coolness, but it can also cause indoor dryness and be irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. Moderation in wind speed is both healthy and energy-saving.

Misunderstanding 5: Frequent on/off switching of the air conditioner

Frequent on/off switching can strain the air conditioner’s start/stop system. It’s best to set the temperature to a comfortable level during hot weather and allow the air conditioner to run continuously. In relatively cooler weather, turning it off helps conserve power and prolong the air conditioner’s service life.

Misunderstanding 6: Neglecting to clean the filters

Air conditioning filters are meant to trap dust and pollutants in the air. When they are clogged, they can block airflow and increase the unit’s load. Filters should be checked frequently, cleaned every two weeks, and replaced when they are old to help improve air conditioning efficiency.

Misunderstanding 7: Placing the air conditioner in direct sunlight

It’s not beneficial to install the outdoor unit in direct sunlight, as it hinders heat dissipation. If there is no shade, a sunshade should be used. Additionally, the unit should be located away from heat sources, and the distance between indoor and outdoor units should not be excessive to avoid undue pressure.

By understanding and avoiding these common mistakes, we can use air conditioning correctly. By doing so, we can ensure that our air conditioning units keep us cool throughout the summer. Additionally, developing good ventilation habits throughout the year is beneficial for our health.

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