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Analasis Of Global Home R32 AC Market

1. The Global R32 RAC Trends

A review of global air conditioner market trends in 2022 demonstrates that demand in the major markets such as those in China, Japan, and Europe slightly decreased compared with 2021 due to the negative impacts exerted by the prolonged pandemic as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while India and Southeast Asia showed significant growth in demand due to economic recovery. As a result, the overall global air conditioner market showed a slight decrease in 2022.

However, when it comes to air conditioners using mildly-flammable (A2L) refrigerant R32, the overall global R32 air conditioner market achieved high single-digit growth in 2022 year on year, since demand in China, Oceania, and Europe in addition to India and Southeast Asia increased in the context of an ongoing shift to R32.

The number of countries in which R32 models form the mainstream of the split-type room air conditioner (RAC) market continues to increase, mainly in Asia, Oceania, and Europe. In 2022, the penetration of R32 models in the overall global split-type RAC market including Japan is estimated to have reached about 60%.

2. R32 RAC Trends In China

In 2022, demand for R32 split-type RACs in the overall global market is estimated to have reached about 47 million units, with high single-digit growth compared with 2021. A breakdown of the global demand indicates 18 million units in China, 9 million units in Japan, and 20 million units in the other regions.

The mainstream refrigerant in the Chinese split-type RAC market has shifted from R22 and R410A to R32 over the past few years. Now, R32 models account for nearly 80% of the local split-type RAC market. 

As a supplier of HVAC products & solutions that have been deeply cultivated in the industry for years, Zero Technologies has always been following the dynamics of the global and Chinese HVAC market, striving to provide customers with better and updated products and solutions. Since 2022, ZERO has launched a wall-mounted mini split air conditioning series using R32 refrigerant, which called Z-COOL series. Due to its prominent features, this series has been loved by customers since its launch, especially in the European market.

3. Z-COOL Series Mini Split AC

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