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15SEER & USA 14.3 SEER2 60Hz on-off top condensing unit and air handler

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15SEER & USA 14.3 SEER2 60Hz on-off top condensing unit and air handler

Product Description:

For light commercial air conditioners, we provide customers with a variety of options in terms of cooling capacity, indoor unit type, and energy efficiency level to meet customers’ needs for different regions or scenarios. Besides good-quality products, we are able to give related suggestion or solutions accordingly.


AHRI Certified & ETL listed. R410A environment friendly refrigerant.

“Golden Fin” Coil; Anticorrosive Coating; Removable Top Grill For Easy Access; Low Vibration For Quiet Operation; High Quality Compressor; 

Easy Access Valves Design; Optional Electric Heater.

15 seer 14.3 Seer2

DC Motor

14.3 SEER2

Low Ambient Heating

High Ambient

High Voltage Protection

Inverter Thermostat

Low Ambient Heating

Quick Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Wide Voltage Range

DC Compressor

Flip Coil: Multi-position installation


Versatile 4-way convertible design for vertical up airflow, vertical down airflow*, horizontal left airflow* and horizontal right airflow.

*: Vertical down airflow and Horizontal left airflow are optional

Vertical Up Airflow

Vertical Up Airflow

Vertical Down Airflow

Horizontal Right Airflow

Horizontal Left Airflow

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15SEER R410A Cooling Only Condensing unit and Air Handler

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