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6.2ton-45ton ON-OFF Rooftop Package Units

ZERO Brand

50Hz/ 60Hz ON-OFF Rooftop Package Units

Product Description:

Capacity: 6.2-45ton. (cooling only and heat pump for choice)

The ZPRC Series with new features is suitable for hotel, office, hospital, school, factory and supermarket applications. The low noise and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and charged with refrigerant prior to shipment. The units are rated in accordance with AHRI standards 340/360.

Hermetic Scroll Compressor(s): No contact scroll design that minimizes friction, increases volumetric efficiency and reduces vibration, thus longer service life. Compact, light-weight, and fewer moving parts design.

Multiple Compressor (ZPRC Series 8.5ton and above): By cycling off compressor operation to match building load, no energy is being wasted when room load requires lesser cooling capacity. No totalshut down when servicing or repairing a faulty compressor.

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6.2Ton-45Ton ON-OFF Rooftop Package Units

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