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Dunham Bush 50Hz & 60Hz Heat Pump Air Cooled Vertical Screw Chiller

ACX(HP)-HR & ACDXHP 50Hz & 60Hz Heat Pump Air Cooled Vertical Screw Chiller

Product Description:

As one of the first professional air-conditioning companies in the world to design and produce large-scale air-cooled units, Dunham-Bush has been committed to technological improvement and innovation. We have accumulated many years of production experience, integratedladvanced control technology, and used leading technology to launch ultra-efficient screw air-cooled heat pump units. With ultra-high energy efficiency and excellent performance, we become the energy-saving benchmark in the air-cooled screw units market, providing more energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioning and heating system solutions for large buildings.AcX(HP)-HR and ACDXHP-R air-cooled screw chiller (heat pump) comprehensively reflect Dunham-Bush’s advanced technology:l high-efficiency and environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, the 6th-generation Mark Il series vertical dual-screw compressor, low-noise axial flow fan, electronic expansion valve, economizer circulation design, PLC control system, etc.

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50Hz & 60Hz Heat Pump Air Cooled Vertical Screw Chiller

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