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Installation Kits For VRF Air Conditioning

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Installation Kits For VRF Air Conditioning

Product Description:

VRF air conditioning system is used more and more because of its advantages such as energy saving, comfort, intelligent management, small space and beautiful appearance. The construction quality of multi-line air conditioning system is an important link that affects the normal operation of the system, and directly affects the operation, maintenance and use effect of the system. This paper introduces the construction process method of outdoor unit, indoor unit and refrigerant pipe. Due to the factors of high system working pressure, large number of indoor units, long refrigerant pipeline, many welding points, unstable copper pipe quality, etc., it is necessary to strengthen anti-refrigerant leakage measures to ensure the installation quality of the system and achieve the best operation effect.

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ZERO Brand Installation Kits
For VRF Air Conditioning

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