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ZERO 50Hz inverter water cooled screw chiller

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ZERO 50Hz inverter water cooled screw chiller

Product Description:

ZERO water cooled screw chiller has an oil circuit control system that adopts leading technology, which ensures stable operation of the unit. 

High efficiency flooded evaporator, high heat exchange   efficiency. The water box at both ends can be disassembled to facilitate   maintenance. Optimized design of the refrigerant distributor can distribute   refrigerant evenly, optimize the temperature field and   improve the evaporation temperature, so as to improve the   operating efficiency. Optimized design of the baffle plate to avoid the compressor   suction with liquid, improving the reliability of the unit.

The motor is set at the compressor gas inlet and the adopted refrigerant cooling method works together with the unique inlet flow path design to ensure full cooling of the motor. The motor does not send out heat to the equipment room, so the heat dissipation of the chiller does not need to be considered for ventilation of the equipment room.


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ZERO 50Hz inverter water cooled screw chiller

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