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ZERO & 2023 Canton Fair | The World’s Top Trade Fair

The 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly held from October 15 to October 24, 2023 at Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. This year’s Canton Fair was attended by more than 500,000 buyers from more than 200 countries and regions, with the exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors reaching a record high.

Compared with the previous year, this year’s Canton Fair across the period of adjustment of seven exhibition areas, subdivided into one exhibition area, two exhibition areas renamed and expanded the content of the display. After the adjustment, the total number of exhibition areas increased to 55, with an increase of about 3,000 booths, or 18%. The structure of the exhibition areas is more balanced and the synergy of topics is closer. The scale of the exhibition area reaches 18,000 square meters, gathering many high-quality enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

In recent years, the quality of “Made in China” products has been upgraded significantly and recognized by overseas buyers. Sharafat, a purchaser from the UK, said that he has participated in six sessions of the Canton Fair, from which he has tapped into a number of high-quality cooperative suppliers and established long-term cooperation. There are a lot of excellent manufacturing enterprises exhibiting at the Canton Fair and bringing a rich variety of products. In particular, they put a lot of effort in product development, and product quality control is very high, which is a great attraction to overseas buyers.

As an emerging air conditioner brand, Zero also actively participated in this year’s Canton Fair. Zero displayed a variety of new air conditioners on the exhibition site, including home air conditioners, commercial air conditioners and central air conditioners. With its excellent quality and high quality service, Zero attracted the attention of many overseas purchasers.

Zero’s booth design was simple and atmospheric, with blue and white as the main colors, creating a comfortable viewing environment. The latest products of Zero Air Conditioning were displayed. Many clients saw Zero’s exhibition broadcasting agent feedback video and gave objective affirmation to Zero brand. During the exhibition, Zero Air Conditioning booth was crowded and attracted many overseas purchasers to visit.

Zero Air Conditioning’s booth displayed a variety of new air conditioners, including home air conditioners, commercial air conditioners and central air conditioners. These new air conditioners have advantages in terms of appearance design, functional configuration and performance parameters.

Overseas purchasers spoke highly of Zero Air Conditioning’s products and services. They commented that Zero Air Conditioning’s residential air-conditioners are very suitable for their needs and can meet their overall requirements for their homes. Zero’s commercial air conditioners are very suitable for their offices and can provide a comfortable working environment for their employees. Zero’s central air conditioning is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly, which saves them operating costs.

Zero booth site can also receive a beautiful product catalog, as well as Zero selected gifts. If you become the agent of Zero, you will be able to receive Zero AC agent exclusive benefits.

Regarding more details about the ZERO AC, please check out ZERO official website:

By 2023, Zero Air Conditioning has entered into cooperation in more than 130 countries and regions around the world and completed more than 1,000 overseas projects. Zero Air Conditioning always adheres to the corporate principles of “Integrity, Openness, Collaboration and Shared Success”, and is committed to providing high-quality air conditioning products and services to consumers around the world.

Zero Air Conditioning has achieved a complete success in this year’s Canton Fair. Zero’s products and services have been recognized by overseas merchants. In the future, Zero Air Conditioning will continue to plough into the international market, constantly improve the quality of products and services, and provide global consumers with better air conditioning products and services.

Regarding more details about the ZERO AC, please check out ZERO official website:

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